Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hell appears to be a hi-tech city!


You need to analyze the concept of hell logically and scientifically. I will give you the key verse for such an analysis:

Mar 9:48: Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

Most of the worms that we know of will die if you pour brine (salt water) or boiling water on them. They will die in the heat of even something as simple as a lighted match stick.

Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad

Another important point is: if you are working in an environment where the temperature is extremely high, you won't be able to concentrate on your work. So, these worms should be made of heat resistant material like tungsten (which has a melting point of 3414°C or 6177.2°F).

While grilling meat the oven is set at 71°C to 76°C (160°F to 170°F). If the temperature is above this the meat would get burned up. So, God has to ensure that the heat should not exceed this range; otherwise the sinner would become charcoal within minutes and eternal torture would become impossible.

Even while cooking meat at this controlled temperature, if you cook it for long, again, the meat would get burned up. If the meat is 2 inches thick, grilling would be done in 2 to 2½ hours, maximum. Since a human being can be 12 inches thick, let us allow 12 to 15 hours. Beyond this the sinner would become charred and dead. But that situation will not allow eternal conscious torment.

In order to avoid the sinner getting over cooked and charred, God may use coolants once in every few hours of grilling and ensure that the sinner is hale and healthy to face the next session of grilling.

In any case, after a few hours of grilling the skin of the sinner would be burnt up, as we see in the case of grilled chicken. Once the skin is lost the sinner would lose the sense of heat, at least, partially. Further eternal torment would not be of much effect. So, God has to ensure that the sinner regrows his skin. It is also quite possible that there are some skin transplant units in hell.

Since the sinner has no more skin, where will the skin to be transplanted come from? So, I think God has made something like a stem cell manufacturing unit in hell where human skins matching each sinner’s blood group and other parameters are produced. There will also be plastic surgeons that are capable of conducting skin grafting using these manufactured human skins.

If you don’t mind my quoting from Quran this type of skin grafting is mentioned it:

"We shall send those who reject Our revelations to the (Hell) Fire. When their skins have been burned away, We shall replace them with new ones so that they may continue to feel the pain: God is Almighty, All-Wise." [4:56]

Challenges do not end there. Skin cannot be grafted on to cooked flesh. So, God has to heal the cooked flesh, which has no life in it, back to live flesh. Probably, again, hell may have advanced stem cell grafting technology. This may require air conditioned intensive care units in hell.

More than 45-48% burns can cause death. So, God should have provided for some sort of monitoring system to ensure that the sinner is not burned beyond that point. If he/she dies how there can be eternal torture? In my knowledge we don’t have any such technology available as of May, 2015.

How about reducing the temperature in hell by 50%? No, that cannot be, because that would bring the temperature down to 35°C to 38°C (95°F to 100°F), which is almost near to the normal body temperature of a human being: 37°C  (98.6 °F). It would also be the same as the summer temperature in Bangalore.

Wow! It takes a lot of technology and scientific advancement to maintain a placed called hell.

In Christ,
Tomsan Kattackal

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