Monday, May 11, 2015

Will Hitler's spirit be saved? - LAMEST and DUMBEST question of LEGALISTS.

Legalist's question: Hi Tomsan, If you say all will be saved, will Hitler's spirit be saved? Will the spirit of the man who raped a 6 year old be saved?

These questions have been going around Christian circles for quite a long time.

Let me ask you, dear Legalist: According to your purely scriptural stance Hitler has to receive the same punishment as his 6 million victims because most of them were Jews who did not believe in Jesus. So, the man who got 6 million killed and those whom he killed are equally guilty in your understanding! Even by human standards such a justice system is defective.

Now let us come to the case of a Muslim man who raped a 6 year old Hindu girl. According to your standards, the Muslim rapist and his 6 year old Hindu victim should be burning in hell for not believing in Jesus. That is some fantastic justice system, isn't it?

Several times in the Bible it is said that God will listen to the groaning of the oppressed, hapless widows, fatherless and exiles. It is not stated that only if widows, orphans and exiles would be protected only if they call upon the name of Jehovah or Jesus. Can you tell me for certain that there were not even a single widow, orphan or exile among the 6 million victims of Hitler? Why did not God protect them?

Is it not told in the Bible that it is God that appoints Kings and Rulers? (Rom 13:1, Dan 2:21) Is it also not told that God knows the end from the beginning? (Isa 46:10) If these statements are true, then why did God put Hitler in the position of power where he could execute millions?

Friend, I do not claim that I have all the answers. You focus on a single man, say a Hitler or a rapist, I think of the millions of oppressed and victims and the justice to them.

In Christ,
Tomsan Kattackal.

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