Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting kicked out of a church is pretty easy.


Nearly 10 years back, my son, who then was almost 9 years old, was playing around with e-sword (Bible software). While searching a couple Strong's numbers in the interlinear KJV he found out that one of the core teachings of our group is completely wrong. Since I was away from home, my son called up the elder our church and discussed with him on this discrepancy.

The next Sunday the elder called me to his cabin and reprimanded me on my son's arrogance to challenge the findings of the founder of our group who has hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. He asked me: How can a 9 year old challenge the studies of a man who spent more than 6 decades studying the Bible and has made more than 50,000 printed pages of writings which are published in practically every language in the planet?

What ensued was "the world is so wide, you can go anywhere" sort of talk.

The moral of the story is: No matter how respected your favorite pastor, preacher or scholar is, a new generation is coming up who are sharper than all of us and the leaders we follow.

In Christ,
Tomsan Kattackal

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